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-Prophylaxis (with Essential Oils)

-Preventative Resins



The Mouth is the Window to the Health of the Body

It reveals whether or not you are eating foods that are best for you; if you are drinking enough water or if you may be at risk for disease.

The mouth is filled with many bacteria. Some of these bacteria are linked to tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. Periodontal disease and ongoing inflammation from periodontitis may be connected with diabetes and stroke just to name a few. 

People with diabetes are more likely to develop periodontal disease and have more severe periodontitis than non diabetics. 

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Healthy gums.jpg
1. Healthy

-Pink gum color

-Gum line hugs teeth tightly

-No Bleeding

-No sensitivity

2. Gingivitis

-Gums bleed

-Inflamed red gum tissue

-Mild sensitivity 

-Bad breath and bad taste

Early Perio.png
3. Early Periodontitis

-Gums pull away from teeth

-Inflamed red gum tissue

-Bad breath and bad taste

-Mild/Moderate sensitivity

-Deep pockets of infection

Moderate Perio.png
4. Moderate Periodontitis

-Periodontal abscesses

-Gums recede/teeth look longer

-Loose or separating teeth

-Bad breath and bad taste

-Moderate sensitivity

-Deeper pockets of infection

Severe Perio.png
5. Advanced Periodontitis

-Mobile or loose teeth

-Exposed roots

-Loss of adjacent supporting bone

-Deepest pockets of infection

-Moderate/Severe sensitivity

Pocket Depth Measurement

A member of your dental team can determine if you have periodontal disease by performing a quick and relatively painless procedure using an instrument called a probe to measure the size and depth of the pockets in the gums.


Pockets that are four or more millimeters in depth may be an indication of infection or disease. 

X-Rays: Determining Bone Loss

Periodontal disease is a silent persistent bacterial infection involving the gums and the bone that support your teeth.


Once this support is damaged you will begin to lose bone. The amount of bone loss can be seen in x-rays.

Oils & Essential Oils 

Coconut Oil

coconut oil.jpg

We use coconut oil for a multitude of reasons. We encourage our patients to oil pull with coconut oil. This is important for oral health because vitamins and minerals in the coconut oil are absorbed, while pathogenic microbes are bound up in the oil and ultimately removed from the mouth. The coconut oil also nourishes the gums and teeth, prevents the growth of bacteria and also relieves pain and inflammation. 

We also use coconut oil in the dental chair to brush your teeth. You can expect us to ask you what essential oil you prefer for flavor. 

Essential Oils

nutraDentist strongly believes in the powers and healing benefits of essential oils. It is a very important aspect to our practice that we know you will enjoy. 

Three of the of the most effective and commonly used essential oils for oral heath are peppermint, orange, and clove. Peppermint is extremely effective at killing anaerobic bacteria - the type of bacteria that thrive in a low oxygen environment, such as the mouth, and can cause gum disease. Peppermint oil also inhibits dental plaque formation and has therapeutic benefits for treating periodontitis, gingivitis and halitosis. We use orange essential for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and points to the germicidal properties of clove oil. (More Information Coming Soon)


onguard toothpaste.png

One questions we love to ask our patients is what kind of toothpaste they use. It is important to have a toothpaste that is remineralizing the enamel and --

We enjoy the doTerra brand of the On Guard toothpaste because it remineralizes! It has an enjoyable flavor of cinnamon and orange and will leave your mouth feeling clean. 


Aroma Therapy 

We have several aroma therapy diffusers around the office and they are very important to our practice. We diffuse lavender to help patience feel calm and relaxed in our waiting area as well as sitting in the chair. 

Your comfort and experience is important to us. 

We like to tell our patience to sit, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere. 

Calming Serenity

Dental chair jitters are understandable.

We want to help you have a relaxing and peaceful experience so we came up with a product just for that specific reason!

The pure serenity essential oils used in the product help to relax and ground you so you can have a more enjoyable procedure. 

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