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Mercury Amalgam Removal

"Ever Think Your Mercury Amalgams Could be Hurting you?"

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal


Millions of people have at least one silver or dark, amalgam filling in their mouth. Half of this filling is made of mercury, a highly toxic metal that releases harmful vapor, especially when heated.  Consuming hot or acetic food and drink, tooth brushing, and teeth grinding increases the amount of mercury vaporization and exposure. Drilling out a mercury filling without proper care by far creates the most heat, and releases the highest concentrations of mercury vapor which results in the highest exposure to this toxin. 





The mercury then is absorbed through the lungs where it enters the blood stream and is capable of crossing the blood brain barrier or a placenta. Mercury is odorless and provides no warning of hazardous concentrations, and because mercury chemically bonds with everything, it is not easy to eliminate. Mercury if retained in the body can wreak havoc on cells, and have adverse effects on the enzymatic process. There are no recognized biological benefits to mercury.  






“Mercury Free” dental practices like NutraDentist don’t use amalgams at all!  NutraDentist uses biocompatible dental materials to reduce toxic exposure to the patient. For thirty years The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) has advocated a science based protocol that includes:

"There are No Recognized Biological Benefits to Mercury" 

nutraDentist Protects You

Nutritional Support

Whole food supplements support the physiology of the patient before and after mercury removal appointments.  This maximizes the elimination of toxins. This is not the same as detoxification which is optimally performed after all amalgams are removed.




High-tech air purifiers with extension tubes positioned by the patient’s mouth effectively remove mercury vapor and particulates from the treatment room.  The air purifier acts as a vacuum and sucks up the dangerous toxins, this is called ultrafiltration.




A rubber dam barrier minimizes scattering of amalgam debris, reducing contact with the oral tissues. A 1990 study determined that a rubber dam eliminated the spike in plasma mercury one day post removal, as well as the spike in urine mercury ten days afterward. 




The best way to remove mercury vapor and amalgam particulates from the area completely is the high volume evacuation (HVE).




Using purified water during removal lowers the temperature and limits mercury vapor. 




We remove larger and fewer pieces which means less surface area for mercury to escape.


Keep the Air Clean

Barrier Protection


Keeping it Cool

Cut and Chunk

A dedicated and disciplined detoxification program should be followed after amalgams are removed. Your  body needs help in removing any mercury that remains bio-accumulated. There are many different holistic detoxification protocols used to do this ranging beyond the conventional and into the nutritional, herbal, and other natural aids. 


Getting the mercury out of your mouth is imperative if you want to remove harmful, carcinogenic toxins from your body. NutraDentist promises protection from an acute exposure to mercury vapor during amalgam removal in a healthy, safe, pain-free way.  

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