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Salt & Inferred Sauna (Light) Therapy

Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy or Halotherapy is a natural treatment for people with lung and skin conditions such as asthma, cough, bronchitis, allergies & acne.  It is also a natural way to decrease stress and anxiety. 

When salt particles enter the body, they are absorbed by the lungs and the skin.  When the salt is absorbed by the lungs, inflammation and mucus decrease.  This leaves the lungs more clear making it easier for you to breathe.


When the salt is absorbed by the skin, oils and redness decrease. This creates the healing process for acne which will leave your skin looking clear. Salt therapy is also known for creating relaxation.  Someone with stress and anxiety can benefit from deep breathing and mindfulness. This can generate an uplifting mood that will give energy to the mind and body.  

Light Therapy

Light Therapy is the process in which infrared light is absorbed by the body and gives our cells the power they need to heal.  It is used to treat a number of skin and body conditions including hair growth, anti-aging and collagen, pain reduction in muscles and bones, acne and scarring, depression, cancer & much more. 

Light therapy is broken down into three different categories: Near (NIR), Mid (MIR), and Far (FIR) Infrared light. 

When Near infrared light penetrates the body, it stimulates the renewal and healing process of the skin. This increases the production of collagen causing a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.  


When Mid infrared light penetrates the body, it gets deeper beyond the skin to increase circulation and oxygen in the bloodstream. This increases a faster recovery for injured muscles, pain, and even acne. 

When Far infrared light penetrates the body, it creates acceleration in the metabolism as well as boosts white blood cell count.  This helps with weight loss and immunity support. Far infrared light is used to detox the body and decrease cellulite. It also helps reduce inflammation creating a faster recovery time for injuries. 


Each category of infrared light has a wide variety of healing properties that can be beneficial to the body.  There are also several avenues in which infrared light can be administered including saunas, masks and hand-held devices. 

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