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Meet the Team!


Dr. Mark Buzzatto

Holistic Dentist


Dr. Mark H. Buzzatto is a practicing holistic, health care professional, educator, and consultant specializing in safe amalgam removal, cavity reversal, and nutritional support for all dental issues. 

He received his doctorate of dental surgery from Temple University and his certification in whole food nutrition from the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health. He is a member of the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, The Weston Price Foundation and the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health, where he also serves on their advisory board. He speaks locally and regionally on the important association between diet, nutrition, dental health, and overall health. 

Click here to learn about Dr. Buzzatto's Philosophy of Dentistry

Dr. Lauren Buzzatto

She is a seasoned dental professional of over 30 years and she brings with her extensive knowledge and expertise.


Dr. Lauren graduated from the Dental School at the University of Pittsburgh in 1988 and has been caring for the people of Pittsburgh ever since. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Scott, and her daughter, Cameron. She also loves tennis, fitness, traveling, and walking their two large dogs, Bubba and Zoey.


Dr. Mark and Dr. Lauren are excited to team up in addressing your health needs for many years to come.

Dr. Lauren Buzz.png


Clinical Manager, Education Specialist, Wellness Advocate

Strong willed mother of two, Rose is a very passionate and holistic, advocator and educator.


Rose strives for the best and absolutely loves what she does for people. Rose got into dentistry by accident! "I thought making crowns and dentures would be like ceramics." Rose went to the University of Pittsburgh to achieve her RDH license, and graduated from Penn State for with her BS degree in Health and Administration.


"My whole body and soul is in tuned with nature. I enjoy walking, exercising and learning something new every day."


Spa Manager

Elena is nutraDentists very own certified salt and light therapy specialist! She was born and raised in Pittsburgh and loves to make people smile.


Her passion for health and wellness began at a very early age. Since then, she has been wanting to share this interest with others to make them feel the best that they can.


Her mission, as a specialist, is to help people on their journey to healing the natural way. Her goals are to create an environment where people understand the benefits and the process that salt and light therapy can offer.  


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Director of Operations

Having worked in the dental field for over 20 years Lisa is excited to now be a part of a holistic practice. She has been working toward a holistic lifestyle and she is grateful to be working in an environment where she can help others and further her own holistic education. 


Lisa will guide you through your Journey to Health. She will be here to ensure that your journey is educational and successful.


Lisa is as passionate about the welfare of animals as she is about helping to create healthy smiles. She enjoys volunteering in animal rescue, and spending time with her four dachshunds. 


Office Manager

Jamie has a background in business, so she feels right at home as Office  Manager. 

Jamie has been interested in alternative medicine, and a holistic lifestyle for a long time, and is thrilled that she finally gets to work in an environment that lives, and breathes holistic!


Jamie’s energy and charisma will make you feel right at home!



Social Media Content Creator & Website Designer

Carla is nutraDentist's content creator! She takes our beliefs and puts them into fun, enjoyable, informational posts on our Instagram and Facebook platforms for you to enjoy. 

She also manages our website by keeping it up-to-date and simple to navigate. 

Give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all of nutraDentists updates and informational content. 


Director of Site Development

doTerra Wellness Advocate

Creating a comfortable environment is most important to nutraDentist.  Karen has experience in essential oils, which allow our patients to truly experience the benefits of whole body health right when they walk in the door!  


"If you suffer from everyday stress, we want to create a pleasant, serene environment  for you and your visit, DoTerra Essential Oils are amazing and can change your life in many ways!"  


Karen also has experience in space planning, Interior Design, and Fung Shui

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