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In 2011, I was looking for a dentist with a more natural way of dentistry. I was in a health food store when I came across a card for Dr. Mark Buzzatto, DDS NutraDentist. At the time, I was having gum problems and my current dentist had performed two deep cleanings but was suggesting that I have my gums cut to help clear up the gum disease. Because of this, I was looking for an alternative to the gum cutting.

At my first appointment with Dr. Buzzatto, I received such an education about food and the effects on your teeth. Every time I met with him he was a wealth of information as well as advising the best vitamins for me. By following his advice, my gums began to heal from the gum disease. 

In March 2017, I tripped on a sidewalk and hit my mouth; one of my front teeth was pushed toward the roof of my mouth, while others were chipped and loose. When I contacted Dr. Buzzatto's office, Jamie said Dr. Buzzatto was gone for the day but that Rose was in the office and she can help me. When I arrived at Dr. Buzzatto's office, he was waiting there for me; he came back to the office to help me. I was so happy to see him because I was having pain and I was concerned I was going to lose some of my teeth. He took so much time (over 2 hours) with me. He took pictures and explained everything he was going to do. By the time I left he had my front tooth back where it belonged, and I had no pain. Because of Dr. Buzzatto's expertise I did not lose my teeth. Also, my gums are healthy and free from disease. 

Dr. Buzzatto has been a blessing; he is patient, kind, caring, an amazing person and dentist. His staff is also very helpful, pleasant and knowledgeable. I am so blessed to have found this wonderful dentist and his practice. 

Anna M.

Dr. Mark Buzzatto is outstanding. Today during my appointment and cleaning Dr. Mark used a new technology SoPro camera imaging and we identified cavities in progress that will be addressed in a few weeks. He numbs my gums with a

q-tip before giving any necessary Novocain shots which is the first time a dentist has done that to me.          


Dr. Mark Buzzatto and his entire office are a pleasure to visit. I highly recommend him if you are in need of a holistic dentist.

John K.

I am a person who is always nervous when it comes to dentistry, and Dr. Buzzatto was able to make me feel instantly relaxed about my visit. He is very calm, kind and gentle. He is also very informative and went over the pictures he took of my teeth with me thoroughly in order to help me understand the cause of my tooth pain. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who gets nervous going to the dentist; the whole office atmosphere is calming and relaxing and will make you feel very comfortable.

Brenda M.

They are excellent. I have been a patient with them for about a year and half now. They have an excellent team and the hygienists does and excellent job. She is very thorough but is also very gentle about her work. They also provide new advanced dental techniques. They are very health conscious and Dr. Buzzatto offers newer advanced dentistry techniques.

Ellen M.

My acupuncturist recommended Dr. Mark because of his holistic approach.  He takes a lot of time to explain things and is very thorough.  He will not do things in your mouth just to do things.  He's fabulous.  

Kathleen G.

NutraDentist is a very caring dentistry service with unsurpassable expertise!  The staff, and Dr.Mark make you feel like they care about you.  I'm so glad I'm here!

Darlene C.

Dr. Buzzatto and NutraDentist have been a God-Send!  We searched a long time to find a good Holistic Dentist.  He has been patient with our questions and supported our efforts to limit chemical exposures and heal dental problems.  He is knowledgable about many holistic dental procedures such as healing cavities.  He has been willing to be patient with problems that other dentists wanted to rush into a treatment.  He has shown a lot of respect for my wishes, for the treatment of my children.  His office has been amazingly accommodating on several occasions.  Lastly, he not only supports but lives WAPF principles.  We are so grateful for his work.

Cheri T.

Dr Mark is a good man.  He explains everything and gives the best health advice.  He and Brittany saved my gums.

Anna M.

I want to first thank you for taking time from your work today to speak with me on the phone.  Our detailed conversation really helped me understand the chelation therapy and most importantly get a feel for what type of doctor you are and I must say I have found the right dentist.  I believe you can be another stepping stone in helping me finally feel 100% again.

Devon S.

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